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 Southampton Township

​Address:                      312 Chaneysville Cove Road, Everett, PA  15537

Phone:                          814-784-5072

email address


Office Hours:             Monday & Wednesday,  By appointment

Meetings:                   First Tuesday of each month

                                      7:00pm, Township Building

                       At The former Chaneysville Cove School


Chairman:                  Tony Appel

Vice Chair:                  Craig Hartsock

Supervisor:                Chris Twigg

Roadmaster:              Chris Twigg

Sec/Treas:                   Chris Twigg

Auditors:                    Chris Gruitt, Darla Nelson, Ella Gibson

Municipal Tax:          LaDawn Kifer

Earned Income:        Keystone Collections Group

Solicitor:                     Allison & Rickards

Engineer:                    Keller Engineers

Sewage Enfrcmt:      Bedford Co. Sanitary Corp

Emergency Mgmt:    Bernie Frank

Authorities, Committees, and Commissions:

                 Planning Commission:  Craig Hartsock

Ordinances:    Sub-division, Floodplain, weight limit, Junkyard, adopt UCC, Stop signs, Municipal Waste, Holding Tank, Privy

Permits:         Building, Sewage, Land Improvement, Junkyard

Comprehensive Plan:   Yes

Sewage Plan:          No

LERTA Program:    No

TV Cable Franchise Fee:    No

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