State and Federal Government Contacts


Auditor General- Municipal Pension                                        717-787-1159

Auditor General-Fire audits                                                        717-787-1308

Center for Local Government Services (DCED)               717-787-8169/888-223-6837

Center for Local Govt. Servs.-Southwest Region                 412-565-5199

Correctional Industries (furniture, supplies)                         717-731-7137

DCNR                                                                                             717-787-2869

DEP, Altoona District Office                                                          814-946-7290

DEP, General Information                                                            717-783-2300

DEP, Bureau of Water Quality Mgmt                                        717-787-8184

DEP, On-Lot Systems                                                                     800-291-2659

DEP, Water/Wastewater Operator Cert                                  717-787-0122

DEP, Storage Tanks                                                                         800-428-2657

DEP, Regional Office, Local Govt. Liason                                  717-705-4921

Ethics Commission                                                                  717-783-1610/800-932-0936

Fire Commissioner's Office (2% Loan Program)            717-651-2201/800-670-3473

General Services, COSTARS Program                                       866-768-7827

General Services, State Surplus                                                 717-787-4085

General Services, Federal Surplus                                      717-787-6159/800-235-1555

Historical & Museum Commission (Records Retention)  717-787-3913

Labor & Industry                                                                            717-787-5279

Labor & Industry, Right to Know                                              717-783-4838

Liquor Control Board                                                                   717-783-7637

LTAP                                                                                             717-722-1972/800-367-5827

Municipal Retirement System                                            717-787-2065/800-622-7968

PEMA, PA Emergency Management                                        717-651-2001

PennDOT, Municipal Services (Central Office)                      717-787-2183

PennDOT, Municipal Services District 9                                  814-696-7222

PennDOT, Bedford Office                                                            814-623-6144

PENNVEST                                                                                        717-787-8137

Public Employee Retirement Commission                            717-783-6100

Revenue, Bureau of Individual Taxes

           (for sharing of State Tax lists)                                         717-787-8346

State Police, Bedford Barracks                                                  814-623-6133

Treasury Dept, Board of Finance & Revenue

           (Liquid Fuels Tax Refunds)                                              717-787-6534

INVEST Program                                                                            800-936-6639

PLGIT                                                                                                 800-572-1472


NATAT, National Assoc of Towns & Townships                     202-624-3550

PLCM, PA League of Cities & Municipalities                          717-236-9469

PMAA, PA Municipal Authority Assoc                                     717-737-7655


         PA State Assoc of Boros & PA Local Govt Sec. Assoc 717-236-9526

PSATC, PA Assoc of Township Commissioners                     717-236-6540

PSATS, PA Assoc of Township Supervisors                            717-763-0930

PSATS, Trustees Insurance Fund                                              800-382-1268

PSATS, CDL Information                                                              800-235-7579

PSACC, PA Assoc of County Commissioners                        717-232-7554

Tax Collectors' Association                                                         215-723-5640


US Dept of Labor (US Dept of Labor

     (Fair Labor Standards Act)                                            717-211-4539/866-487-2365

US Internal Revenue Service (IRS forms)                               800-829-3676

US Immigration & Naturalization (I-9 Forms)                      800-357-2099