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     The Bedford County Township Officials Association (BCTOA) is an organization of all 25 townships in Bedford County.  It began in 1923, shortly after the State created its own organization for Townships.

      We have an annual convention the third Monday of October each year.  All township supervisors, secretaries, tax collectors, and auditors are invited for the all-day gathering.

      The officers of BCTOA meet a couple of times throughout the year to keep up on the latest County and State happenings, and incorporate that information in to planning our Annual Convention.

     This Association is not a governing body.  It is a support group for exchange of information.  When the new building code was first approved in December 1999, BCTOA appointed a task force to research how to best administer the Code.  They met monthly, and in 2003, brought all the Townships and any interested Boroughs in the County together to discuss plans.  On April 28, 2004, the Bedford County Association of Municipalities was formed, based on the work of the task force.

    Other examples of support through BCTOA include PennDOT's "Agility" program.   Each township has the opportunity to swap services with PennDOT.  Since this program began in 1997, townships have become closer with each other, and made many of their own "Agility" agreements.

    With the help of BCTOA, Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission has been distributing State funded computers, computer classes, website training, and hosting these websites to get us started.

    Through education and the coming together annually at our convention, Bedford County Townships have become closer working partners.


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