West Providence Township

​Address:                        83 Fifth Avenue, Everett, PA  15537

Phone:                          814-652-5943

Fax:                                652-5711


Office Hours:              Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 3:30

Meetings:                    Second Monday of each month

                                       6:00pm, Township Building

Chairman:                   Brandon Chamberlain

Vice Chair:                   Thomas Brady

Supervisor:                 "Buck" Smith

Roadmaster:              Supervisors

Foreman                     Brandon Chamberlain

Sec/Treas:                   Patti Foor

Auditors:                     Patricia Pepple, Ruth Clark, Barbara Bussard

Municipal Tax:           Elaine Hayes

Earned Income:        Keystone Collections Group

Solicitor:                      Allison & Rickards

Engineer:                    Clark Surveying & Engineers

Sewage Enfrcmt:       Bedford Co. Sanitary Corp

Emergency Mgmt:     Brandon Chamberlain

Authorities, Committees, and Commissions:

       West Providence Twp. Municipal Authority:  Donald Bussard

       Planning Commission:  Dennis Clark

Ordinances:    Sub-division, Floodplain, Junkyard, Nuisance, Holding Tank, Privy, Sewage management, Municipal Waste, House Numbers, Family Farm Protection, Building Code, land improvement, planning, Everett VFC, Wind Turbine, Realty Transfer Tax, Campground

Permits:         Land Improvement, Junkyard, Sewage

Comprehensive Plan:   No

Sewage Plan:          Yes

LERTA Program:     Yes

TV Cable Franchise Fee:   Yes